Top 10 Real Estate Websites In India 2024 [Updated]

Easing the entire cumbersome process of buying or renting a property nowadays, the concept of the development of various online portals for the same has been in recent fashion.

Earlier it was strenuous to search for brokers and agents to rent or buy a home, visit the properties physically, clinching on to the owners for cheaper rents and prices but now all of these problems have a single solution.

The real estate websites have been an advantage as they provide easy online revival of properties, have unique filters that help the customers to select their preferences and view properties that please them. Accurate pricing, location, amenities, land area, etc provided by these best property sites have made them a recent hit amongst the public.

Apart from all this, these portals have reduced the laborious process of finding and communicating to the owners and agents, a task worth a few clicks! Godrej Horizon

Top 10 Real Estate Websites In India

Here is a list of the top 10 most popular real estate websites in India for 2023. Handpicked by Real Estate experts for your online property search.

1) 99 Acres

99 acres is an online portal which has been a premier choice of the real estate agents, brokers as well as the home seekers.

A business venture of the Infoedge group, the purpose of the website is to act as a link between the home buyers and tenants to agents and help them score relevant information about the properties available for rent or for buying around them.

The portal has been expanding rapidly and has already marked its presence in 25+ cities in India. It has earned itself a valid reputation becoming the 2nd largest property portal in India. The Alexa ranking of the website is 140.

The website was discovered and run since 2005 and recently, they enabled mobile-friendly interface of the portal which allowed their customers as well the brokers to view, exchange information online through the use of cellphones on both android and IOs platforms.

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2) MagicBricks

The game changer in the field of real estate, MagicBricks in number 1 ranked home hunt portal in India. The Alexa ranking of the website is 154. The website is an online business venture of the Times Internet Limited which is a sub arterial branch of Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd.

It works as a two way portal as it allows both the owners as well as property agents to list their properties for exposure to the home buyers. The portal has its presence all over India and thus, caters a vast audience.

Apart from providing the mainstream services, the portal also deals with providing relevant information regarding the property related problems generally faced by the people.

The portal also extends its services to the latest property related updates, home loans and taxation information, and also expert advice to its buyers regarding their property related issues. The biggest benefit that they provided to their users is that the users are free to choose properties that are listed by owners to skip the brokerage fee.

The website was earlier PC supported but enabled mobile-friendly interface since the year 2011.

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3) Commonfloor

Having a vast presence in almost 200 cities of India, Commonfloor is an online portal catering to the property buyers and sellers.

The website was discovered first in the year 2007 and now it has more than 5 lakh properties as well as 1000+ upcoming projects registered on the platform. The website has been ranked 210 by Alexa.

The website initially provided real estate management services to its clients and now they also deal with articles and blogs related to property related topics and issues.

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4) PropTiger

Discovered in the year 2011, PropTiger has revolutionized the era of real estate and property management. The portal has a huge database of unending properties available for buying as well as rentals.

PropTiger has a key presence in Mumbai as well as Bangalore. The website has its expertise in providing advice to its potential clients regarding home loan, taxation and property related matters.

The website has been ranked 1949 by Alexa. The creators of the platform possess years of experience and expertise in the realty business and hence they believe in improving the buying experience of their clients.

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5) Makaan

Revolutionizing the concept of online real estate growing recently, Makaan has concentrated on limiting the number of property listings to a minimum but upgrading the lifestyle of their buyers by upgrading the quality of their listings. was launched years before in 2007 and has shown rapid growth since then. The website has collaborated with many popular and relevant media houses namely NDTV Profit, CNBC in order to provide the Buyers a better experience with them.

The Portal has been ranked 1239 throughout the country by Alexa and has been recognized to be one of the earliest introducer of internet bots to solve the customer queries instantly.

The overall services provided by the website are satisfactory and are bound to improve in the coming years.

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6) Housing

Focusing on the authenticity part, has a well-set strategy by selectively choosing properties after site-visit approval of certified agents of the website.

The online portal was launched in the year 2012, marking its key presence in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The website has expanded over 40 cities all over the country. Alexa ranking of the website is 318.

With more than 6000 agents in the workplace of the website, the team has expanded themselves and has increased its sales on the basis of its authenticity.

The website is both supported by android as well as IOS interfaces and its unending lists of features cater to a vast audience all over India.

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7) Square Yards

Spread across 40 cities in more than 10 countries, Square Yards is a realty based online portal that caters to its customers with an extensive list of residential properties and commercial projects.

The website has expanded itself within a short span of time and has increased its sales to a financial sum of 1 billion dollars across the globe.

Focusing more on the aspect of customer satisfaction, the portal has extended its services not only to provide its buyers with extensive options for decent living spaces but has also introduced support services for them to provide them the best.

Square Connect was one of the initiatives that was launched by the website to improve and facilitate the easy communication process between the brokers, owners, and their potential home seekers.

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8) Quickr Homes

Quickr Homes is one of the online real estate portals that has been a game-changer in the field of the realty business. The website offers online buying and renting services to its customers.

The portal has a user-friendly interface, which allows its users to enjoy a list of benefits that makes online renting and buying experience worth the work of a few clicks!

The major advantage provided by the website is that it provides accurate and authentic information to its users, and also regular up-gradation of its database avoids the laborious work of the users to call and contact with each and every owner to confirm the availability of the properties.

The overall experience of the website is good and it caters to a vast audience all over the country.

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9) Sulekha Properties

A renowned and recognized online realty based portal, which has been ranked 91 by Alexa worldwide.

Sulekha Properties does not involve any payments made by the customers and is one of the best places to buy as well as rental properties.

The major benefit of the website is that it regularly upgrades its database and its strategies to ensure an easy communication process between the brokers and the home buyers.

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10) Zricks

With a philosophy to cater to the home buyers “a transparent and organized” real estate website and improve the buying, renting as well as a living experience, Zricks has come into existence.

The core vision of the website has been broken into four parts- Innovation, authenticity, Customer-centric approach as well as facilitation of clients and investors.

The platform is based majorly in Delhi-NCR, which allows the users to avail of the services of buying and renting decent living spaces be it residential or commercial.

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