They say, “A good home decor is not the one which leaves you penniless”. Home decor nowadays has become expensive for many. The high pricing of redecorating material like paintings, sculptures, vases and other similar stuff has made it further more difficult and confusing for people.

We understand that you wish your home to have a classy and elegant look at an affordable price. Therefore, in this article we are here with innovative ideas for redefining the look of your home with handmade stuff which will be cheaper than other options and prettier too!

Using these diy home decor ideas, You can reflect your personality and your taste through the look of your interiors.

A Glassy Lamp

Why keep your cutlery under the covers when you can use them to create amazing craft work? You can easily get hold on your collection of glasses to make a lamp which can adorn your dining table and become a unique piece that your guests would envy.

For making this glassy lamp, you can take a wine glass or any other glass from your cutlery sets and wrap their upper open end with printed scrapbook paper. By placing a small LED bulb inside the glass, you can complete the look of your handmade lamp within minutes!

Rope Wrapped Vase

There are many things around us that contribute to the overall beauty of our surroundings but are usually unnoticable to our eyes. Creating this homemade seaside vase is based just on the same idea!

For making this seaside vase you just have to take a rope and wrap it around a vessel of your choice. This would pull off a perfect beachy ambience to your home at little or no cost at all.

Woolen Coasters

This handmade home decor idea is one of the best and the easiest ones. Now you can convert and reuse your old sweaters, woolen stoles, and other tattered clothes into small differently shaped tea coasters that look add color and vibrance to the dining tables of your home.

The major benefit is that these coasters are 100% washable and reusable in nature.

Tin Can Butterflies

Have you ever thought that the tin cans you threw in the dustbin could be the material for your home decor? If not, then we have a great news for you. Now you can redefine your home with these stylish tin can butterflies.

All that you have to do is to pick up tin cans and cut them open, draw a butterfly at the back side of the tin and then cutout the shape. The end result of this would be a beautiful tin butterfly. Now can decorate these butterflies on your walls and enjoy the pleasing look of your walls.

Plastic bottle plant pots

For a Do-it-Yourselfer, this home decor idea is one of the best and cheapest of them all. To make these plastic bottle plant pots you can even use your waste coldrink bottles or water bottles and cut them 3/4th from the upper end and then decorate the plastic pot with paint or bottle caps or in any way you desire.

These plant pots are not only cheap but also look extremely cute and are easy to make.

A Balloon Vase

Simple and easy to make, all you have to do is to cut a balloon from its end and then cover any vessel that you feel is unused in your house with it and then make a hole where the open end of the vessel is located. Insert flowers through the given hole in the vase and there you go with your beautiful vase!

This looks amazingly unique and elegant and has a lower cost price when compared to a lot of expensive vases in the market.

Kangaroo Cushions

This method is the one which is useful as well as fashionable at the same time. Many a times we see that we misplace the remote and have a hard time to find it! These kangaroo cushions would be just the solution to this problem.

For this, you have to take any pair of old jeans and cut their pockets out. Now, you can easily match the cushion colours and tthen sew the pockets on the covers.

Shimmering Keys

We all have keystands in our homes and every time we go through them, they seem dull and plain. But we have brought a way to sparkle things up for you. These Shimmering Keys can be made easily at almost zero cost and make the look colourful and vibrant.

All you have to do is place all your keys in one place and get hold of any sparkling nail polish of yours to paint on them. Once done, let the keys dry out for a while and then you are ready to go!



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