Pashmina Developers Review, Ratings, Buyers Opinion [2022]

Pashmina Developers Review:

Pashmina Group of Developers is a top-notch real estate brand who has carved a niche for itself in the Southern Part of India, most importantly Bangalore. Founded recently in the year 2007, the company has created such landmarks in the field of construction which has been a reason for its rapid growth in the industry in such a short span of time.

The company holds a vision to create homes that are efficient, quality wise and innovative in terms of design. They work for constructing retail,commercial as well as residential projects which incorporate unique aesthetic appeal and also unmatched construction quality.

Pashmina Brookwoods and Pashmina Waterfront are the most noted residential developments of the company which have rightfully proved the company’s vision in the truest sense. The key markets of the company is specifically Bangalore but the company is all set to put up upcoming prestige projects in various parts of Mumbai as well.

The company has been offering a whole course menu to its dwellers about the state of the art world class amenities in its constructions and customer-driven approach is being promoted by the chairman of the firm Mr.Asit Kotcha.

Since, Pashmina is all about quality and care, the company has hired high-end special services to create luxury and redefine comfort for its users. Transparency, timely delivery, value for Money and quality is what are the major core values of the team.

Adhering to its goals successfully, Pashmina group has been delivering excellent services to its dwellers and is rapidly growing towards its success in the coming future.


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