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Top 10 Areas In Bangalore To Buy A Flat


Renowned as the “city of the gardens” Bangalore has been house for the most rapid technological growth in India. Not only the natural beauty and pleasant weather but the industrial and technological boom in the city in such a short span of time has made Bangalore, the third largest and one of the most populated cities in India.

From tourist hotspots to beautiful seashores, from pubs and shopping markets to eateries and restaurants, the city has totally made its fame far and wide all over India.

Because of the great commercial and job opportunities, Bangalore attracts a lot of the working class. Therefore,we have listed here top 10 areas in Bangalore where one can buy a flat in affordable prices without compromising on any grounds of luxury.

1) Whitefield

Whitefield is a sub-urban area majorly standing on the outskirts of the IT city, Bangalore. Since the time of the rapid tech growth in Bangalore, Whitefield has been a major catch to look for a residence, reason being the presence of many reputed Information technology firms and offices in the proximity.

Being a Sub-urban area, the place has gone through a series of transformations in infrastructure. The international tech park which is one of the first technological parks in India is located in Whitefield. It is also being a Centre to various housing projects and huge malls, international and domestic hotels, resorts, hospitals and theatres as well. Despite of the peak-hour traffic issues, the place incorporates a positive vibe to itself having a bunch of eateries, food joints, shopping hubs,markets and even temples and churches.

Whitefield is also house for many art theatres and midnight marathons and cultural programs which gives the place a lively and traditional advantage and makes it a great buy for the home seekers.

2) Electronic City

Spread over 332 acres of land, Ecity is a town divided into three phases in Anekal Taluk,Bangalore. The Electronic City was basically founded and established by Karnataka Electronics which is one of the most rapidly growing information technology firms in India.

The E-city has an occupancy of the major IT companies namely Wipro,Infosys, HCL technologies,Siemens,Intel etc. It has been a house to many developmental housing projects and also commercial as well as industrial activities.

The town consists of a well organized transportation network and has a great connectivity schools,colleges,marketplaces, shopping hubs,eateries etc which makes it a great catch to look for a residence to live in.

The eccentric vibe of the place and its well managed civic facilities also contribute to the locality being more popular amongst the homebuyers.

3) JP Nagar

JP nagar, most popularly known as Jayaprakash Nagara stands located in the heart of the Southern Bangalore.

Established and maintained by the Bangalore Development Authority, JP nagar provides its homebuyers options from apartments to residential complexes and even independent villas to dwell in.

Incorporated with all the necessary basic amenities, JP nagar covers a total geographical area of about 2500 acres which are segregated into 9 parts.

Being located in the heart of the city, JP nagar is a very posh area which incorporates housings of many famous and relevant personalities.

Its excellent and robust connectivity with the city and civic management makes it an ideal location for a residential complex.

4) Kanakapura Road

Kanakapura road is a prominent residential development area on the borders of the Southern Bangalore.

Being a rapidly growing and developing area, it has been house to many commercial as well as residential activity.

The place apart from having a home-like and peaceful atmosphere, is famous for the tourist attractions and natural beauty.

Kanakapura has a very robust water supply and transportation system and incorporates all the basic facilities such as hospitals, educational institutions etc. and recreational hangouts in its closer proximity.

Therefore it stands out apart as a recommended locality for Couples, family persons as well as Professional Workers.

5) BTM Layout

BTM Layout is Residential locality in the southern part of Bangalore, which is divided into 2 stages which are connected with the Outer ring road on each side.

Surrounded by JP nagar on one side and Electronic city on the other, this locality is a great Information technology hub of the city.

Many residential apartments and complexes have recently been developed in the area.

Its well known restaurants, eateries, cafes, boutiques as well as music venues it is one of the most recommended area for the students and other young working crowd of the city. The greater connectivity and locational advantages make it a perfect place for a homebuyer.

6) Hebbal

Hebbal is basically a small town which commercially oriented because of many flyovers and construction projects.

Many IT housing offices are also situated in the vicinity of the area which also contribute to the excellent infrastructural development of the town.

It is mostly renowned or the Hebbal lake which is a great tourist spot for the general public with various recreational facilities. The locality has an excellent connectivity with basic amenities as well as many hospitals, schools,colleges, stations, banks etc.

It is basically a recommended area for the residence of couples, families as well as students.

7) Sarjapur Road

One of the most IT based suburbs in the city, Sarjapur Road is a home to many IT based company offices in its vicinity which makes it a popular residence option for the working class.

The best advantage that the location has its affordability in terms of property rates. It consists of various apartments as well as independent houses to live in.

Sarjapur road is surrounded by renowned and posh localities of bangalore and has easy connectivities with most of the major flyover and roads connecting the city.

Fulfilling all the necessary requirements and facilities, the locality has the maximum number of residential projects under construction.A residence in such a locality is a “must buy” for all the home seekers and investors out there.

8) Hennur

Hennur is a rapidly growing lifestyle oriented suburban area located on the outskirts of Bangalore.

Lined with beautifully built independent villas and sophisticated residences, the place is well known for its peaceful and homely atmosphere.

Connecting to the major International airport, the locality is discovered to have a proximity to many educational institutions, hospitals and other basic amenities. Many more developments are on the go considering the rapid growth of the residential complexes in the area.

9) Yelahanka

Yelahanka, is a quiet and peaceful suburban town that stands on the outskirts of Bangalore majorly renowned for its proximity to beautiful lakes and its natural beauty.

The place is discovered to have pleasant weather conditions which makes it a great hotspot for people to find a relaxing home after the hard day in the hustle bustle of the city.

The town lines up high end infrastructured apartments, resorts and famous hotels and shopping hubs. It has a great and easy connectivity to colleges,schools, hospitals, marketplaces etc.

The greenery and natural beauty of the place adds a positive vibe to the place and makes it a major location to look for a home.

10) Basavangudi

Basavanagudi is well developed commercial and residential hotspot that stands located in the heart of Southern Bangalore bordered by Jayanagar.

The locality is advantageous because of its close proximity to the metro stations, parks, bus stands and shopping hubs.

The well maintained and wide roads that connect Basavangudi to the city are a major reason to Increase the popularity of the place as a whole.

Not only its proper management, but also the place is famous for Bull temple in its vicinity and also the Indian institute of World Culture.

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