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Top 10 Interior Designers in Bangalore For 2022


Buying property just gets you started on your journey to own a house. After the initial plans are drawn, the construction begins, and even after the building is done, you are still far away from owning a home. That requires the right interior and furniture and even wall paint, and this is where interior designing comes into play.

Having the inside of your home, mirror your personality allows you to create a great place to call home. Here’s a look at the top 10 Interior Designers in Bangalore that will let you turn your house into a home.

1) Livspace

Livspace helps you design a complete home, with the help of their expert designers. They employ over a thousand interior designers who will help you plan your space, give you a glimpse of how the finished product will look through 3D designing and allow you to create a premium style economically.

The company boasts of economic beds, contemporary lighting and the extensive catalogue includes even more wardrobes and kitchen fittings helping you bring all your designs to life. Another reason to opt for Livspace is the on-site expertise they provide and the quality they provide with respect to raw materials and components. State-of-the-art manufacturing and rigorous quality checks ensure that every order you make is delivered to perfection.

The company has serviced over 5000+ happy customers and is confident that this number will only keep growing. Their advanced style quiz utilises behavioural analytics to provide you with design recommendations that suit your style.

An expert from Livspace is also available for a free consultation. They offer personalised wardrobes that suit every need you have and also install the furniture. The first consultation and Livspace studio visit come free of cost after which a non-refundable 10% is required to take the deal further. Placing the order requires 50% payment while the rest 50% must be paid just before the equipment reaches your home.

The help you are liable to receive from a dedicated expert helps you make a well-informed choice. Another advantage is that you receive a personalised item-wise quote and design options.

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2) HomeLane

HomeLane combines functionality and aesthetics to create genuinely unique designs that suit all styles and prices. They provide customized and efficient home designs that will help you create inviting and personalised spaces. Whether you require a sophisticated living room design or a clutter-free interior design, HomeLane will help you find exactly what you are looking for, hassle-free and swiftly.

HomeLane provides you with the best modular kitchens, wardrobes, crockery units, entertainment units, study tables, false ceilings and loose furniture. Their most significant advantage is that they provide a five-year warranty making your purchase risk-free. They also promise to finish installation within 45 days making this is the best choice if you need your project completed as soon as possible.

Over 500 experts are also available to help you design your home based on your lifestyle and funds. They also promise support and service over five years after installation making them a reliable option. The company has offices all over India including ones in Chennai, Banglore, Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata and Pune.

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3) Cherryhill

Cherry Hill functions as one of the leading interior design and occupancy service providers in India, having a diverse portfolio and a team of dedicated and talented staff. As India becomes a prime resort for foreign companies to set up shop, corporates and economists rely on excellent interior design to project a professional and modern look, and this is where Cherry Hill comes into the picture. Their Contracting services team blends aesthetics and ergonomics to create the perfect workspace for clients.

The most significant advantage you gain by opting for Cherry Hill is their vast experience in the field. Having worked in the area for more than 32 years, the company is a market leader with clients including Fortune 100 companies and promising startups. They have branch offices in Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, and even Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Worked with one in every five Fortune 100 companies, has given Cherry Hill the expertise required to expand into other ventures such as hospitals and hotels. They also import furniture and furnishings from across the world to provide you with precisely what you need. Their work ethics enables them to aim for and achieve excellence.

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4) The KariGhars

The KariGhars infuse ideas, inspiration and art to turn your imagination into reality. They believe that interior designing is more than home decoration but rather a creative pursuit that helps turn spaces into original homes that make you feel good. They are a leading Interior Design Firm in Bangalore, who provide designs for every price and requirement.

Their most significant advantage is the level of personalisation they bring to their creations. Be able to craft homes that reflect your style and have for the past 10 Years, been building a brand that believes in quality and uniqueness. They are among the top 10 interior design companies in Bangalore and have ongoing projects that include plush villas, penthouses and even independent homes. Whether it be Residential or Commercial interior solutions, their team of experts will guide you and help you to plan your spaces efficiently.

They utilise uplifting colour schemes, well-designed furnishings and careful manipulation of light to create beautiful living spaces. Within 12 years, they have served over 3000 clients and have won several awards. They won the award for The Best Interior Design Services for Residential project in Bangalore from Dr Shashi Tharoor.

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5) Carafina Interior Designers

Carafina Interior Designers based in Bangalore do not ever compromise on quality and are well known for providing excellent service at an affordable price. Their interior designers take time to understand your needs and then create designs that reflect your style.

Their most significant advantage is the large number of choices they have regarding styles with customers having the option of choosing from Classical, Fusion, Modern and Industrial. From fabulous false ceilings, glamorous kitchens, wardrobes to luxurious sofas, their team ensures that every need of yours is met with ease.

Another service they offer is the use of advanced technology to map out the design in 3D so that you have an idea of how the space will look before the project commences making it easier to choose designs and concepts. They also provide a three-year warranty on all interiors undertaken.

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6) Kuvio Studio

Kuvio studio is an Interior Design firm established by founder Richa Singh to provide people with enhanced design experiences in residential, commercial and even office spaces.

Customers chose Kuvio studio after considering more than ten other firms due to their professional outlook and economical designs. The super creative team pays attention to even the smallest of details and then provide very innovative and practical solutions.

The most significant advantage of choosing this firm is that the team approaches each design with the right amount of passion, enabling them to translate their client’s requests into unique spaces.

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7) DesignQube

DesignQube is a driven and experienced team of architects and interior designers who have offices in Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Jaipur. They have been most successful in the interior design field and boast of customers such as ITC, Redington, Murugappa group and Nestle.

They provide services such as feasibility studies, approval liaisoning, soil testing, structural design and passive solar designs. They are also involved in the project management side of things by helping with deciding the budget, contract administration, cash flow projections and even quality control.

The most significant reason for their booming business is the clarity they provide with respect to budgeting. Their designers also create a photo-realistic 3D model to help you visualise your design. Quotations from multiple vendors and contractors provided by them help you choose the best option available. They also notify you visually on daily site progress helping you keep an eye on your dream home.

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8) Creative Axis

After a long day, we all need the comfort our home provides and this is what Creative Axis gifts us. Creative Axis is not just an interior designing firm, but a blend of creativity and ingenuity. Over the years, their experience has helped them effectively design homes that are not only economical but also efficient and unique.

Their most significant unique selling point is the diversity they offer in their designs and materials. They also respect customers and provide outstanding service. Their executives explain design options and plan in simple ways that even the most inexperienced of us can understand. They also provide clients with an abundance of options to choose from thanks to the massive amount of material they have with them.

They also provide great renovation plans and offers that will help you spruce up your old home and have it looking modern and stylish. They also ensure that they consult the client before making any decision, whether it be large or trivial, thereby, making sure that the customer always comes first.

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9) Magnon Interiors

Magnon Interiors in Bangalore is a team of experienced and talented architects and interior designers who own an impressive Design Studio and two flagship showrooms in Bangalore. Their vast
manufacturing facility, helps them serve third-party customers with raw materials as and when it is required.

Their most significant advantage is that they are an exclusive brand that provides very personal service. The entire journey from concept creation to completion of the project goes by in a breeze due to the well-oiled management framework of the company, helping make them one of the top designers in Bangalore.

They also have an extensive selection of furniture, fittings and fabric which can be viewed, examined and then bought from their showrooms in Bangalore. The core team has experience of over twenty years in the designing industry and hence knows its ins and outs like the back of their hand having worked in both the luxury residential and commercial sectors.

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10) Voglia

Voglia interior designers, based in Bangalore, offer you the complete answer to your dream home, office interiors, and apartment interiors. They help personalise your living space and ensure that you are happy in the home they design for you.

The company has great customer-care management and hence more often than not, you will be left completely satisfied with their service. They also offer a variety of styles, being especially good at minimalist and modern styles of design.

Whether it be designing your living-space at home or working-space at your office, Voglia Interiors remain one of the best choices in the industry. Voglia specialises in creating aesthetic and functional home interiors that are economical and unique. The team also boasts of over twelve years worth of experience in the design field.

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