Vaswani Group Review, Ratings, Buyers Opinion [2022]

Vaswani Group Review:

The Vaswani Group is a real estate and construction company primarily based in Bangalore, Karnataka. Serving the people with its services since the last 33 years the company has built itself a reputation of being one of the most leading construction companies in the market.

The company has developed many prestigious projects and has projected a multi-faceted portfolio in expanding its services across the residential, commercial,retail and hospitality sectors.

The total developmental area covered by the construction of the Vaswani Group is approximately more than 8 million square foot of land.

Primarily based in Bangalore the company has been specializing in the construction of row houses and townhouses in the city.

Not only has the company in the last 33 years, extended to a multifaceted portfolio but also has rapidly grown to become one of the most admired choices of the people when it comes to creating homes and living spaces.


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