Your Home is your comfort zone and there are many memories that are attached to your space. The memories can be with your close friends,relatives and family as well. Therefore, for a home that has given you so much deserves to be maintained and decorated as well.

The first step towards transforming the look of your home starts with redecorating your walls and bringing them to life. Therefore, keeping your walls mundane is not a solution to the problem.

They say, “A wall without its decor is like a fish without a pond.” Your wall depicts your style as well as your personality. A plain wall means a plain and dull personality which is definitely not what you want.

So, to give a celebrity look to your home, we are here to help you with the best wall decor ideas so that you can celebrate and transform your space.

1) Let the Art do the work!

The best and the most basic method to bring your walls alive is to adorn it with artwork. We recommend that you customize your wall with large paintings or a collection of medium sized paintings, sketches or drawings to fill up your plain walls with a classy look.

It totally depends on your taste if you choose a black and white sketch or a colourful painting filled with vibrance. Since art is all about beauty, it adds beauty to your walls as well and therefore adds a great impact even in a small space.

2) Make Your Memories Decorate Your Walls

Why look for inspiration outside when it lies right there with you? Your memories are the most beautiful masterpieces of all when it comes to redecorating and styling your walls. This would give a positive and joyful vibe to your place and make you feel all the more cozy and warm.

We recommend that you accentualize your space by placing largely sized photographs on your walls which would freshen up your priceless moments.

3) Let Fabrics Weave The Magic!

Fabrics are one of the newest and rather rare stuff used for styling and recreating in the wall decor arena. But, these are one of the best ways to give a sense of indo-ethnic and traditional like ambiance to your walls.

The colours and the exclusive designs of the fabrics makes your wall look all the more colorful, vibrant and interesting as well.

4) Mirrors Mirrors On the Wall!

One of the cheapest and classiest ways to decorate your walls is to customize your wall with mirrors of different shapes, sizes and designs as well. The major benefit of this method is that it gives and elegant and sleek look to your space and does not cost you as much when compared to other techniques.

The mirrors reflects as well as highlights the objects in your room and also helps in making your room look bigger in sizing as well as better in looks.

5) Show off your cutlery!

Can’t think of anything to put on your walls for transforming the looks? Don’t worry because your cutlery comes to your rescue. We’ve got an absolutely creative idea to style up your space and add more personality to it.

Using wire hangers to hang your plates on the wall can make up for a breathtakingly beautiful design to take your home to the next level of beauty.

6) When in Doubt, Trust Greenery!

Hasn’t a thought ever come to your mind that what if these beautiful leavy and flowery plantlets rather than sitting in the garden or at the edge of the window, stay hung on my walls and add a garden-like ambiance to my walls?

Well if it has, we have a great suggestion for you! Rather than brainstorming about stuff to decorate your home and roaming hither and thither to gather them you can do it easily my mounting or hanging plants to make it natural.

7) Wall Hangings Make For A Great Decor

Remember the old times when our mothers made the use of handmade wall hangings to decorate the plain walls of our homes? The old-school techniques have still not been out of fashion.

Extensive collection of handmade as well as professionally woven and manufactured wall hangings are available round the corner at easy access to redefine the plain and dull walls and provide an old-school vibe to your space.

So, here were some of the innovative ideas that we had come up with for you so that you can transform your home into a warm and stylish living space.

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